Photography Workflow, using Docker & Google's Vision API

The Formula:

  • Get out there; capture interesting images in daily life by always carrying a camera.

  • Import into MacOS Photos App; edit using MacOS Photos App (surprising, right?).

  • Move the images into my To Flickr album.

  • Run kennethreitz/apollo Docker image (private), which does the following:

    • Downloads all images from the To Flickr album in iCloud.

    • Randomizes the order of the images.

    • Parses the EXIF metadata for camera and lens information.

    • Sends the image to Google’s Vision API, which sends back information regarding the visual contents of the image, and allows me to have proper tags on Flickr.

    • Uploads the final images to my krstreet Flickr account, with a full title, including the camera used, and the contents of the photo.

 Pretty neat, hu? Here are the results — I sincerely hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Latest Machine–Tagged Images (from krstreet Flickr):

But does it work?

My Flickr stats.

My Flickr stats.